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Axel Schultes

With his idea developed together with Charlotte Frank for the layout and architecture of Federal Government buildings on the Spreebogen site in Berlin, he won one of the biggest ever urban development competitions and made the firm of Schultes Frank internationally famous overnight.

Projects realised in association with the KapHag Group:

Other famous projects:

  • Vocational Training Center, Emden
  • Headquarters of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Hanover
  • Museum of Modern Art, Bonn
  • Federal buildings, Spreebogen, Berlin
  • Baumschulenweg Crematorium, Berlin
  • The Knauthe Building, offices and apartments, Leipziger Platz 10, Berlin
  • The Federal Chancellery, Berlin
  • Villa Marienburg, Cologne




Büropark am Welfenplatz
Lützowplatz Berlin
Büropark am Welfenplatz